If you’re a new entrepreneur or seriously considering becoming one, you need to attend the Black Business Development Conference series, which kicks off on Saturday, April 30 from 10 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. at the Center for Black Innovation, 937 NW 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33136. The series will provide powerful business information and inspiration to new and aspiring entrepreneurs eager to step boldly into owning and operating a successful business. Bring pen, paper, and a mind open to fresh wisdom and inspiration necessary to excel as an entrepreneur.

The inaugural session will include Dani Spikes, Melvin Roane, Josh Numa, Kevin Michael and Michelle Hollinger and will cover Communications, Soft Skills and Building a Strong Team, Digital Transformation and Taming the Inner Critic. 

The conference is free of charge, but registration is required. Click the Registration link below to register by the April 23rd deadline. Attendees of the April 30th conference will be provided priority registration for the remaining conference sessions and workshops.       


10:00 – 10:15       Leonce Leazard – Welcome, introductions and icebreaker
OBJECTIVE: Provide overview of the day. Point out location of bathrooms and other housekeeping info. Give overview of presenters and use an icebreaker to get participants engaged and ready to learn.

10:15 – 11:15       Josh Numa – Business Credit/Loans
OBJECTIVE: Participants will learn an overview of what business credit is, how it differs from personal credit and when they should consider using it. They will also be presented with pros and cons of using business credit and loans.

11:20 – 12:20       Melvin Roane – Soft Skills/Managing Skills
OBJECTIVE: Participants will learn effective approaches to manage staff. They will explore leadership, maturity and growth. How to assess for talent, skills and abilities and maximize them for the good of their business. Participants will also learn team building and communicating effectively with employees.

12:20 -12:55       LUNCH

1:00 – 2:00       Dani Spikes – Communications/Elevator Pitch
OBJECTIVE: Participants will learn effective communication tips to help them convey their business idea to potential funders, supporters and customers. They will be able to effectively communicate a succinct and exciting message that explains what their business is, what it provides and why it should be supported.

2:05 – 3:05       Kevin Michael – Digital Transformation
OBJECTIVE: Participants will learn foundational information regarding the optimization of digital devices in and with their business. From Point of Sale to Phones/Communication and their use of software to manage and operate their businesses.

3:10 – 4:10       Michelle Hollinger – Taming the Inner Critic
OBJECTIVE: This section illumines how knowing business strategies is important to entrepreneurs’ success, but useless if they don’t believe in themselves and have tools that help them remove limiting beliefs that impact their success. Participants will leave with the ability to identify how their inner critic stops them from excelling as
an entrepreneur. They will learn where the inner critic originated and a tool to change it from being an adversary to an ally.


  • EVALUATION: Distribute survey for participants to evaluate conference.
  • TESTIMONIALS: Film participants willing to share their feedback of conference for use with promoting future sessions.

PRIORITY REGISTRATION: Invite participants to register for the May 23 Business Credit & Velocity Banking
workshop with Sebastien Boyer.